What We Do

We SuppLY FACE VISORS to keep you safe!


We Fundraise

As a community interest group we are a not for profit company. We work on a donation basis to provide PPE. Each visor costs about £1 to produce. Additional donations mean visors can be given to those in health and social care settings.

We Make Face Visors

Our new injection moulding process means we can produce thousands of visors a week, for those who need to keep safe in their jobs and daily life.

We Educate

Many of our 3d printers will be donated on to schools when they are no longer needed. Several of our volunteers are STEM ambassadors encouraging a love of science in pupils.

We Strengthen

Some of our 3d printers have been loaned by groups who want to start their own community projects in the future. We can provide support and assistance in learning to use their printers

We Consult

As a group of volunteers with a wide and diverse skill set we are always looking for new products to aid our community. Have an idea for a 3d printed PPE product? Why not get in touch with us.