Who We Are

committed to producing face visors to keep you safe during the pandemic

Who We Are

Situated in Wrexham, North Wales we are a group of volunteers producing face visors to aid in the protection against COVID 19.

During the first week of lockdown 2 brothers, Isaac (11) and Joseph (13), built up a 3D printer they had been given for Christmas. 

They had been challenged by their parents to produce some PPE. 

By the Friday evening they had produced their first rather shaky headband for a face visor. A rummage in a cupboard found some old OHP acetate and the project was born. 

Within days the people of Wrexham and further afield were donating old acetate sheets, then filament for 3D printers, and then the printers themselves to try and keep up with the demand for face visors in local care homes and other community projects. 

A group of volunteers started working 24/7 in Ysgol Clywedog. 

Within a few weeks the group had set up a Community Interest Company, as the ability to injection mould the visors at an even faster rate became a possibility. 

By the beginning of July 2020 the face visors achieved a category III CE mark following independent laboratory testing. And we moved to Gresford.

We are now bigger than ever and running in Llay Industrial Estate. With the ability to produce up to 30,000 face visors every week, distributed by post or by delivery, free of charge.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Working Spaces

The face visors we produce are used to help to protect the eyes and face from spatter, from a COVID19 sufferer coughing or sneezing.

The visors have a clear plastic front, with an adjustable headband to suit different size heads.

Our visors are Category III CE marked. 

Our Mission

Every face – every place

We aim to cover every face that needs protecting from Covid-19

Our Vision

We aim to help the public to feel safe. We know that people are worried about returning to work and our visors are part of the solution to keeping safe. 

Our Story

We have already provided several thousand face visors to numerous health and social care settings, including provision for the NHS through Awyr Las. We have provided, and continue to provide, face visors to all those who will benefit from them; from volunteers to churches, from schools to childminders, from care workers to unpaid carers, from shielded members of the public to the deaf community, from hairdressers to retail workers, to name just a few. We aim to be part of the solution.

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